Rebranding Silvexcraft - Wir ändern unser Image für Sie
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Sklep Silvexcraft

Wir ändern unser Image für Sie

Sehr geehrte Kunden! Aufgrund der dynamischen Entwicklung unseres Unternehmens haben wir uns entschlossen, das Image unserer Marke Silvexcraft aufzufrischen.

Die Sorge um Professionalität ist zu einem Schritt in Richtung weiterer Veränderungen geworden. Wir laden Sie ein, die Details zu lesen.


Sklep Silvexcraft


Each customer is equally important to us and we care about our business relationships to maintain them as successful as possible. In addition to this we know how significant for you is an attractive price of jewelry making supplies you are interested in. That is why we have created a rebate system so that every one who is interested of our gold and silver jewelry findings could obtain the highest quality products at the most attractive prices.

We provide a discount on three levels:

1. For the ordered quantity of the product - the more packages / pieces you order, the less you will pay for the sales unit.

2. For the total net order value (calculated in the shopping cart).

Rebate thresholds:

The discount on the order value will be calculated in your shopping cart.

Order value (net)
120,00 €

235,00 €

350,00 €

470,00 €

700,00 €

3. In individual cases of wholesale orders of a given model, it is possible to negotiate the price.

Thanks to the extra discounts introduced, you have the opportunity to buy jewelry accessories at a very low price. As a result, you save your money and you have the chance to spend your budget on other important aspects of your business, such as the promotion and advertising of your jewelry. We will do our best to meet your expectations, making you highly satisfied with the products and services provided by Silvexcraft.